Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Revamping the blogsite/new family member

Well, now that I've got an actual header (sorry if it's a bit large...still working on that), I suppose I better post. It seems that I've been doing good at getting one post a year on here, so perhaps I should try for two this year! :)
I had so many funny/witty/fill-in-the-blank ideas for here just a week ago, and now my mind is a blank. It would probably help to create these postings earlier than at 11:30pm.

I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family...Diamond. Hannah has been asking about a cat since about Christmas: "Mom, don't you think we should get a cat?" "Mom, I really think you need a cat." And other assorted variations. Well, without much ado, and with the help of a friend just "down the road," we are now the proud owners of a very energetic 5 month old cat. After being spoiled by my previous cat, who NEVER chased my yarn while working on a project, would letthe kids put her in almost every imaginable situation and position, we now have a little firecracker. We'll see how trainable he is...or if he gets to be a mostly outdoor cat. At least Benjamin has been saying a new word these days: "Kitty!" :)

Perhaps I will try again in a few days, but leave it at this...I really am hoping to be on here more often! Really I am!

Have a blessed week!